Client Privacy

Under Lock and Key

“Your private life, your private business. We take every step to respect and protect your confidential information.”

Johnathon B. Allread

Founder and Agency Principal

We understand how much you value your privacy, and you can have confidence that any information that you share with us will kept confidential. This is our promise to each and every client.

Many forms of insurance do require a Driver’s License Number and Social Security Number in order to issue a policy. We appreciate that privacy and financial experts advise that you share this information only with highly trusted persons and organizations. Texas Family Insurance is such an organization.

We will only share your information with the insurance companies that require it to provide a quote and issue a policy. Your paper application is kept under lock and key. Your electronic information is encrypted, password protected, and secure.

We partner with a locally owned, professional paper-shredding company that provides locked containers to our office. They come once a week to destroy this paper on-site, and they provide us with a Certificate of Destruction afterwards.

We do NOT have any partners, vendors, associations, or marketing firms that would ever call you without your permission. We will never give or sell your information to anyone that will try to sell you a product or service that you have not requested.

​Please let us know if you would like more information on our privacy practices. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We value your opinion and your confidence in us.

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